Montegrotto Terme, one of the oldest active SPA destinations in the world.

Montegrotto Terme, located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, is a spa resort known since 1000 B.C. for the beneficial properties of its saline-bromine-iodine thermal waters and its healing mud.

Thanks to the proximity of this precious source of health and the marvellous natural setting of the gentle slopes, the Euganean territory became the destination of poets and scholars who fell in love with these places and settled there or were inspired by them for their works. One name among all is Francesco Petrarca, who spent the last years of his life in the enchanting Arquà – today Arquà Petrarca in his honour, a medieval village recognised as one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Venetian villas, castles and monumental gardens dotting the area attest to the fashion between the 16th and 18th century for patrician families and Venetian nobility to spend their summer holidays in the Paduan countryside and hills Many residences can be visited today, such as Villa Draghi, Villa dei Vescovi, the monumental garden of Valsanzibio, Villa Selvatico, Catajo Castle, Lispida Castle, San Pelagio Castle and Cini Castle.

Immersed in the greenery of these gentle slopes, wandering around to discover historical residences and breathtaking views that in some places, with the clear skies, reveal the territory as far as the Venetian lagoon, the Hills offer so many wineries, oil producers and typical products, which we invite you to visit. The Euganean territory is best known by tasting it!

Ideal location in the centre of Veneto

Montegrotto Terme is located in a privileged position in the centre of the Veneto Region and therefore equidistant from cities of art and sites of great tourist interest, which are well worth a visit.

Padua, Urbs Picta, a Unesco World Heritage Site for its cycle of frescoes, is only 13 km away; Vicenza, the city of Palladio, is 35 km; 60 km separate us from the most beautiful city in the world, Venice, from picturesque Chioggia and the beaches of the Adriatic Sea; 70 km away, the Po River delta is a veritable open-air nature museum; westwards Verona is 80 km away, the city of Romeo and Juliet in love, as well as to the north-east the elegant Treviso and the Prosecco Hills, also a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Thanks to the tours organised by the Vespa Clubs in the Veneto region, you will be able to immerse yourself in the beauty, history and folklore of a sincere and welcoming territory: all you have to do is set off and enjoy the journey!

Thermal springs

The origin of the thermal springs is directly linked to the particular geology of the area. The meteoric waters coming from the Lessini Mountains flow into the calcareous-dolomitic subsoil to depths of over 3,000 metres, reaching very high temperatures (over 87 °C) and becoming enriched with mineral salts.

After travelling about 80 km, they encounter impermeable layers of magmatic rocks in the Euganean area, which favour their ascent to the surface due to geothermic effects.

The peculiarity of the thermal hotels of the Euganean Spas, of which Montegrotto Terme is a part, is that each facility has its own thermal centre for treatments against osteo-articular pain, inhalation therapies, and massage-physiotherapy. Each hotel has at least two thermal pools, saunas and Turkish baths, a gym, and a beauty centre: in other words, a true oasis of wellness and relaxation.