Montegrotto Terme is easily accessible via several transportation routes: by car, train, plane and of course ... riding your Vespa.

There are four main motorway exits to Montegrotto Terme:

  • Padua West and Padua East on the A4 motorway
  • Monselice and Terme Euganee on the A13 motorway

The Montegrotto Terme ‘Abano Montegrotto Terme‘ railway station is on the Padua-Bologna line.

To the city of Padua, 8 minutes by train from Montegrotto Terme, approximately 2 trains every hour. From the railway station in Padua, it is possible to take high-speed lines to major Italian cities

  • Marco Polo International Airport in Venice (60 Km)
  • Treviso Antonio Canova Airport (60 Km
  • Valerio Catullo International Airport of Verona (100 Km)

Here are some route suggestions via roads suitable for two-wheelers.

Basically, follow the signs for Padua; when you get close to the city, follow the signs for Terme Euganee/Montegrotto Terme.

  1. From the south, coming from Bologna area, it is necessary to reach Ferrara, taking the Strada Statale 64 Porrettana. From Ferrara, instead, follow the SS16, which passes through Rovigo and Monselice and leads to the junction for Montegrotto.
  2. Coming from the Riviera Romagnola and the Adriatic coast, it is convenient to follow the SS 16 Adriatica, passing through Ravenna and Ferrara, Rovigo and Monselice with previously given directions to Montegrotto.
  3. Arriving from the east, from Friuli Venezia Giulia or from eastern Veneto, you can reach Mestre by taking the SS 14 Triestina, and from here the SS 11 Padana Superiore, which crosses the beautiful Riviera del Brenta surrounded by Venetian villas and arrives at the gates of Padua. The Tangenziali Est (East Ring Roads) and Tangenziali Sud (South Ring Roads) lead to the junction to Terme Euganee and after a few kilometres to Montegrotto.
  4. Otherwise, if you arrive from the northern part, once you get to Treviso you can reach Padua via the SS 515 Noalese until you join the SS 11 at the gates of Padua and then take the final stretch of junction as described above.
  5. Those arriving from the north, crossing Trentino, once in Trento please follow the indications for Bassano and Padua, taking the SS 47 Valsugana. Arriving near Limena, the western ring road and the direttissima (motorway) to Abano quickly lead to Montegrotto.
  6. Arriving instead from the west, from Lombardy and the Verona area, follow the SS 11 Padana Superiore road through Verona, Vicenza and, upon entering Padua, the western ring road ‘Corso Australia’ and the direct route to Abano leading to Terme Euganee / Montegrotto Terme.
  7. On the other hand, those coming from lower Lombardy and western Emilia can reach Mantua from Cremona along the route of the former SS 10 Padana Inferiore, (now SP 10 to Mantua) or from Parma (8) along the route of SP 62.
    From Mantua you then continue along the former SS 10, now SR 10, which passes through the beautiful towns of Legnago, Montagnana, and Este until it joins the SS 16 at Monselice; from here in the direction of Padua, after about ten kilometres you exit at the junction that leads to Montegrotto.

Of course, there are numerous alternatives for arriving at the EVW2024 location, including provincial roads; these are routes that everyone can build to own taste, looking for the shortest, least busy road with a beautiful panorama, to stop in a village, or to enjoy the food and wine offerings of some local along the way.